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When calling the office, please refer to our New Office Hours. The clinic is closed on Mondays and open Tuesday-Friday at 9am.

Shu Cosmetic Surgery is the most comprehensive cosmetic treatment center for advanced liposuction in Minnesota, offering three advanced technologies: Vaser Liposuction, Laser Liposuction and AquaShape Liposuction – giving you the most options and targeted results.

  • Liposuction services with pricing as low as $1200* per area
  • Minimal invasive techniques and Cutting edge technologies
  • Local tumescent anesthesia: awake, comfortable, and quick recovery

Lunch Break Lipo is so minimally invasive that the patient remains awake during the liposuction and can even return to work when it is over. Our lipo technologies and techniques are much safer and more precise than the crude fat extraction in the past. Lunch break Lipo can be performed effectively and efficiently without any sedation.

Total Body Lipo is liposuction performed extensively across the body focusing in fat-deposited areas, it is done in 1-3 sessions, spaced a minimum of 3 days apart. Total body liposuction is typically costs 20-40% less than having them done individually.

Dr. Shu is an artistic surgeon; he performs the Vaser Hi Def Liposculpture, using the most advanced liposuction techniques, to remove the fat that doesn’t belong to restore the body anatomy. We also offer fat transfer procedure to create 3D effects on your face, breasts and buttocks.

Your initial consultation is complimentary! (*please ask our 24 hours cancellation policy and no-show policy)

Choose a cosmetic treatment center in Minneapolis or St. Paul and we will provide the best care possible in a warm, friendly, and confidential environment.

*Minimum of three areas are treated starting at $1200 each. BMI and size guidelines apply to per area pricing.

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