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Laser Liposuction Minneapolis

Overview | Vaser Lipo | Laser Lipo | Aquashape Lipo | Tumescent Anesthesia

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First, you will meet with your doctor for a consultation to discuss your goals and what the procedure will require. Tests may be done in order to determine the realistic goals for your treatment, as various factors such as hormones, age, and Body Mass Index (BMI) can affect the procedure outcome. You will be thoroughly briefed on all pre-procedure and post-procedure precautions.

When it comes time for the procedure, your doctor will first apply a mild numbing agent to the targeted fat area. A small metal tube called a cannula is then inserted under the skin. A tiny laser beam is fired, and the cannula is moved back and forth. The laser warms the targeted fat cells, creating a thermal effect. The targeted fat cells begin to melt and liquify since fat cells are highly receptive to thermal energy. Once the fat cells liquify, your doctor will suction them out of your body.