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Hand Rejuvenation Minneapolis

Overview | Natural Breast™ | Facial Fat Transfer | Butt Augmentation | Hand Rejuvenation

hand_1.1Your hands are one of the first areas of your body to show signs of aging. A healthy, youthful looking hand shows a slight fullness that helps conceal veins and tendons without completely hiding them. Over the years, a number of derma fillers are available for temporarily improving hand areas that have lost fullness, and fat transfer (fat grafting) has been considered the ideal method of soft tissue augmentation. It is preferred over tissue fillers, which typically lasts only 6 months.

In the past, fat grafting could not produce permanent results due to the eventual resorption and breakdown of the harvested fat after being injected. Because too much fat was injected into areas at one time, the fat could not gain enough blood to survive.

In order to successfully rejuvenate the fullness in one’s hands, an integrated layer of fat grafts with micro-injection technique over the back of the hand must be created. This makes the skin look and feel thicker, in turn restoring the appearance of aged hands.

Structural fat grafting is an advanced fat transfer technique available to patients who hope to permanently restore and rejuvenate hand areas with more natural looking results. The fat, harvested from areas like the abdomen, thighs, hips and buttocks, is removed and processed using specialized techniques before injection to ensure that only viable fat is used. Smaller amounts (less than 0.1 cc at a time) of fat are carefully microinjected in a series of distinct layers, and the space between each injection allows new blood vessels to grow into the grafted fat. This way, each new location of fat is able to gain its own blood supply and gradually grow long term, providing beautiful and permanent results.