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Introduction | FAQ


What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a skin condition caused by enlarged fat cells trapped in an inflexible network of collagen. The fat cells then become herniated which causes the dimpling effect.

The cause of Cellulite is multifactorial. Aging, hormones, genetics and dramatic weight changes can all play a role in the development of cellulite. These factors can cause connective tissue bands that pull skin down to create dimpling, and the fat cells they surround to become larger and push up into the skin, creating the “cottage cheese” effect.

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What are the Treatment Options of Cellulite?

It depends on the severity of cellulite. SmoothShapes treatment is the best option for mild cellulite. Minimal invasive CellulyzeTM is the most effective way to treat the more advanced cellulite.

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Is there any discomfort or pain with these treatments?

There should not be a discomfort with SmoothShape treatment. It is very comfortable and relaxing. Your technician will ask you about your comfort and adjust the vacuum pressure as needed.

The discomfort or pain related to CellulyzeTM is very similar to liposuction. You’ll have mild discomfort or pain, bruising, swelling afterwards.

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How many treatments does it take?

A SmoothShapes treatment consists of 8 sessions, twice a week for four weeks. CellulyzeTM needs a treatment only.

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After the initial treatments, is there any maintenance that needs to be done?

After the initial treatments, is there any maintenance that needs to be done?
Yes. Annual maintenance with SmoothShape is recommended to maintain your results.

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Are the results proven with clinical studies?

Yes. 80% of clinical study on SmoothShape participants experience “a positive change in the smoothness of the treated areas.” and 70% experienced “a positive change in the tightness of the skin in the treated areas.” 81% experienced “significant volumetric reduction in subcutaneous fat.”

We don’t have the data of clinic studies on CellulyzeTM although it has been clinically proved to be very effective in treating more advanced cellulite.

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Everyone offers cellulite treatment, how is CellulyzeTM different from the other cellulite treatments out there?

CellulyzeTM attacks the structure of celllulite. Most anti-cellulite treatments focus on cellulite superficially and may help to improve very mild cellulite by tightening skin, but CellulyzeTM can treat more advanced cellulite by releasing the fibrous bands beneath the skin and tightening skin surrounding cellulite. This can all be achieved in just one treatment.

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