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Male Breast Reduction

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Male_breast_enlargement_1Pseudogynecomastia is probably among the most common types of male breast enlargement in Minnesota adults. However, in this condition, male breasts are mainly composed of fat deposits without the development of breast gland tissue. The breast shape in pseudogynecomastia patients look much like that in the real gynecomastia ones but have no medical reason for being there, as it is simply body fat.

A common male adipose distribution in the chest is a circular pattern around the breasts; this adipose tissue distribution pattern is exaggerated in cases of pseudogynecomastia, which may extend to the underarm areas.

Patients with male breast enlargements due to pseudogynecomastia should seriously consider their diet and exercise as the first step of treatments. Male breast reduction surgery should preferably be done if weight loss through diet and exercise fails to achieve the goal.

Since the areas surrounding the breast in the pseudogynecomastia are mainly fatty tissue, liposuction should be the first choice to correct it; it usually gets immediate results. The liposuction for male breast reduction is performed in the local tumescent anesthesia in the outpatient setting, and it takes only an hour to finish. It might also be necessary to do liposuction along with surgical excision of the glandular tissue to achieve the best results and the flattest chest if the patients have true gynecomastia.

Age, skin elasticity, and the size of the breast are three main factors that will affect the results. If the patients have excess skin in the breasts, the liposuction combined with male mastectomy may not be sufficient to correct the breast deformity due to skin laxity. If the breast skin sagging is mild, Vaser or laser technologies should be used to tighten skin. If the skin sagging is severe, male breast lift (mastopexy) may be necessary.

Planning the Initial Visit

In the initial complimentary consultation, your surgeon will ask for a complete medical history, then examine your breasts and check for causes of the breast enlargement. Don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon any questions you may have during the initial consultation, including your concerns about the recommended treatment or the costs involved.

Cost of Male Breast Reduction

Most procedures done in the ambulatory setting are significantly less expensive than that done in the hospital.

Male Breast Reduction: $3000-$5000

Preparing For Your Surgery

Our staff with do a preoperative will fit your garment and give you specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating, drinking, and taking certain medications.

Smokers should plan to stop smoking for a minimum of two weeks before surgery and during recovery.

Type of Anesthesia

Correction of enlarged male breasts will be performed under local tumescent anesthesia plus sedation and pain control. You’ll be awake and comfortable.

The Surgery

Male_breast_enlargement_2Surgery for breast enlargement is performed as an outpatient procedure. The surgery itself usually takes about an hour to complete. However, more extensive procedures may take longer. The treatment of choice is liposuction to the area. It might also be necessary to do liposuction along with surgical excision of the glandular tissue to achieve the best results and the flattest chest. The gland is excised through a half-inch to one-inch long incision around the edge of areola.

After Your Surgery

In any case, you should arrange to have someone drive you home after surgery and to help you out for a day or two if needed. You’ll be swollen and bruised for a while after surgery. You’ll wear an elastic pressure garment continuously two weeks and 12 hours per day for an additional 2 weeks after.

Following surgery, you can drive a car in two to three days, return to work in three to five days, but not exercise the chest for four to six weeks. Any stitches will generally be removed about 1 week following the procedure. It is also imperative to wear a compression garment for four weeks after the procedure. it may be 3-6 months before the final results of your surgery are apparent.

Surgery Risks

All surgeries carry some uncertainty or risk. Male breast-reduction surgery complications are rare and usually minor. Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there are risks. These include infection, skin injury, excessive bleeding, adverse reaction to anesthesia, et al. The procedure may also result in noticeable scars, permanent pigment changes in the breast area, or slightly mismatched breasts or nipples. If asymmetry is significant, a second procedure may be performed to remove additional tissue. The temporary effects of breast reduction include loss of breast sensation or numbness, which may last up to a year.